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Tag: Daughter

  • One Year Ago

    One Year Ago I’ve learned things,That I didn’t know,On this day,One year ago. How you’re loved,How you’ve grown,Since that day,One year ago. How I’ve tried,To make time slow.Seems yesterday,One year ago. There’s just so much,I wouldn’t know,But for that day,One year ago. Happy birthday, little girl. Samantha’s Response Tc ydrrTFDXCgtxcccccccccccccccccccxv cv x e m;ZLE005AZA4eer{¿(Uh V…

  • Before Too Long

    Before Too Long I wrote this with intentions that it would be much longer, but I stopped when I realized the point had been made already. It reminds me of a walk in the rain with my little girl and I hope you like it! You held the tree softly,Like you thought you would break it.Telling…

  • Pszzaimmyg – A Poem For My Daughter, Samantha

    Pszzaimmyg – A Poem For My Daughter, Samantha Sami,Spelled with an I.Or, maybe,With two M’s and a Y. It could start with a P.It could have two Z’s.If you really, really want,It could end with a G. So if you’re ever asked,Just say, “That’s me!”You can be anyone,That you want to B.