My name is Ryan Mentock. I was born in Denver, Colorado and raised in Durham, North Carolina. I spend the majority of my free time working in my backyard or playing fetch with my dog, Mozi. I love the Denver Broncos and all Colorado sports teams. I have two sisters and parents that are much better and more interesting people than me, but this isn’t their website.

I graduated from North Carolina State University in 2006 with a undergraduate degree in Business Management and Marketing and from George Washington University in 2014 with an MBA in Healthcare Administration.

Throughout my life, in exchange for the goods and currency used to sustain my livelihood, I have been a cashier, referee, landscaper, mover, waiter, tree salesman, warehouse manager, record filer, $7.00 lottery winner, typist, editor, receptionist, office manager, web designer, social media manger, fantasy football commissioner, tech support provider, dog sitter, game designer, box designer, and laser engraver.

Currently, I am the manager of Family Care, PA, the founder of SEMA Games, and a freelance web designer.

First Thoughts: The Briefest Analysis of Rand Paul’s Obamacare Replacement Act

These are my thoughts while reading Rand Paul’s Obamacare Replacement Act for the first time. I’ll probably think about it more later, but this is my “live” first take. —- Repeal “essential health benefits requirement” – Basically, say insurance doesn’t have to cover anything again. Ugh. Not a good idea, and probably the idea that will … Read more…


Presidential Inauguration Poem for Donald J. Trump

When I found out President-elect Trump did not have a poet laureate for his inauguration today, I thought it would be nice to write a poem for him. I really wanted to capture the true Trump creative spirit, so I copied lines from the first five inauguration poems and put them together into one poem. … Read more…